Ideal destinations for the best sailing experience

Ideal destinations for the best sailing experience

When countries around the world are under lockdown, flights will resume and museums, restaurants and attractions reopen – just in time for a short vacation. Ferry systems are operational and functioning in many coastal areas, with preventive health protocols stable and private charter flights continuing. This is a tantalizing option for travelers who are still unhappy with the crowd’s thoughts. Whether you want to wait in line or sail your own boat.


Currently, countries in the European Union are open to EU citizens and residents of more than a dozen other approved countries. Even so, the Greek islands do welcome visitors, and the ferry system works on all cylinders and requires temperature checks and a health questionnaire before boarding. On the other hand, charters let you set your own schedule, and – are a luxury option.


Over the centuries, Italy’s Amalfi coast has attracted large numbers of visitors for its natural beauty and cultural richness, especially in the midsummer months. This year looks a little different, of course, and a country that once had a lot of tourists is now eager to get it back.

See Amalfi’s coastal towns and picturesque islands via the extensive ferry system or the reasonable price charter from Banana Sport on Marina Grande.


With a long coastline of more than 2,000 km and more than 1,000 islands and islets, Croatia is a paradise for seafarers. Experience at least 3,000 years of rich history with landmarks like Diocletian’s Palace in Split that will remind you of the past glories of the country and know why sailing is so popular in Croatia today.

The Dalmatian coast is very popular with German, Austrian and Eastern European families, who usually rent motorboats there in the summer. The same goes for the British, Americans and Ozis, even though they are younger, around 25 to 35 years old and usually rent motorboats to throw parties or celebrate special events.

The Caribbean

Travel to the Caribbean is associated with sea adventure. Warm breezes, clear waters from Cerulia and the reflection of the moon on the midnight waves … The ocean beckons all of us and whether you are relaxing on the sun terrace on a day yacht or have always dreamed of captaining your own boat, the Caribbean is the answer. These islands are the perfect sailing destination for everyone.

If we still haven’t convinced you, rest assured that you can sail to the Caribbean on your own terms. Some passengers with different deck experiences prefer a professional crew to navigate, while others are willing to do the job themselves. You can do this as easily as jumping on a charter on a predefined route and just riding the waves, or you can take charge of your own craft and plan the perfect trip step by step.