Everyone dream with a vacation on Hawaii. Here are some tips of what to do or not in Hawaii

Everyone dream with a vacation in Hawaii. Here are some tips of what to do or not in Hawaii

Don’t spend your entire budget on luxury resorts.

When staying at a luxury Hawaiian resort, where birds fly in the outdoor lobby and fresh papayas are served at the pool bar, it can cost anywhere from $ 400 to $ 600 a night in high season. Instead, transfer money for a Lomi lomi massage and a gourmet seafood dinner, and make your own poolside Mai Tai in a rented apartment.

Don’t forget alternative resorts. There may not be as many lodging options. With waterslides and swim-up bars, hotel resorts get the most attention. However, if you’re looking for a high overall score, it’s best to consider other options.

Like hotels, vacation apartments also cover the range between affordable and luxurious – and offer kitchens, a living room, and often great extras like a grill and washer / dryer. Holiday Club resorts offer a combination of more space and hotel-like amenities.

Stick to an island or maximum two.

Each region of each island has its own taste. The north and east sides of the island are more tropical, while the south and west areas offer brighter skies and drier views.

Instead of island hopping, end your trip by staying at a luxury hotel within walking distance of a sunny beach on the south coast, then snuggle up in a rental house near the more tropical (read: rainy) north shore. For a more fancy taste you can rent a boat with yachtrentalhawaii.com and be on your own for a week or two. This would be a great choice because you don’t need to have worries about food and where to sleep.

Do not forget to use sunscreen. It can end really badly.

When my dermatologist discovered basal cell carcinoma on my face a few years ago, I was shocked. I had some severe sunburns when I was young, but I’ve been avidly applying sunscreen and wearing a hat for decades. But she says that most people don’t use the right sunscreen and don’t reapply it often enough.

If heavy first-time apps and supplements seem like a vacation every 90 minutes in the sun, try changing the sentence like this: You’re on vacation. This means you won’t spend days replying to business emails (if so, we’ll have to call back), fulfill orders, rearrange kitchen cabinets, or travel to work. Most of the time is spent on fun and relaxation. Think of this as the only thing you have to do.